I couldn’t leave well enough alone

Once we put the analog bridge inplace, we immediately knew that we needed a better solution.  It was functional, but the audio going through a D to A and A to D phase didn’t sound that good.

I started looking at the features that the Kenwood could support and poof, found that they had an RF LINK mode.  This allowed me to put the NXR-810 in that mode as a user radio on a Icom Repeater.  I had to shorten the tails to 0 on both and I had to play with the priority of PTT on the Kenwood, but in the end, it allowed me to create a true digital to digital bridge.

Life is good!  And now we have the Icom network and the Kenwood networks bridged, this will give us some breathing room so we can focus on other features for the Kenwood NXREF.


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