Added Turkey – Yes, the Country

Today we brought up a club in Turkey onto the WW NXDN network.  This proved that we can do Kenwoods without a VPN, and it proved that we can make them work over multiple hops.  I still think there is a gremlin or two to be worked out but Say Hi to The gang from Turkey.

Hi Alan,

Thank you very much for your great effort. I think we did :-))

I’m attaching the photos  again. You can use them on your blog

( ) if you want.

The names and callsigns:

from left to right

Cengiz. TB2BBG.

Cemal TA2AW

Serhat TA2ANK

Serdar TA3AS

Tahir TA2T

Our Club name is ANTRAK.

I’ll always remember your help and your friendship.

Best Regards,



The guys from Turkey

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