Status of the NXREF and What Is Happening

Greetings all,
Here is a quick run up of what is in the pressure cooker….

A & B; A Bug Fix for the Kenwood side of the NXREF. One is with the turn on / turn off messages, and the other is dealing with the heartbeat for the UDP ports, since KWD uses 2 UDP ports.

New Features: Talk Group Linking and Authentication, a simple Public PKM style (something like IRLP) to add security to the NXDN Network. If the access code does not match, no link will be established.
Talk Group Linking; this will allow for Local, Regional, State, or even Area Wide uses.
Florida uses TG 1200 for Florida Wide, and Tampa is using 1201 for West Central Florida. As an example.

If you have not become a member of the HAM_NXDN email group, this is a Yahoo group located at:
This is open to ALL HAMS World Wide, and talks about the use of NXDN Radios for the advancement of Ham Radio, and 6.25 Digital Technology.

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2 thoughts on “Status of the NXREF and What Is Happening

  1. I guess I am really lost because I don’t understand what all NXDN is capable of. Is the NXREF something that the repeaters link to on a full time basic? I mean if I am in Atlanta and I want to contact someone in Florida I just use talk group 1200

    • I just saw this in the moderators box.
      Like i mentioned on another thread (e-mail)
      talkgroup filtering is done at the NXREF level by the repeater owner / admin.
      IF they want it, they will add it to the list, otherwise the rPi will be
      tailored to the area it is located in.


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