Kenwood Server Offline

With the shutdown of our old server hardware, the Kenwood NXCore server is offline for the time being. With the lack of activity on that server, there are no immediate plans to rebuild the server on the new hardware. We only fed Talkgroup 1200 to a small handful of users, but that group itself is inactive on the Kenwood side.

Users connected to that server may contact another NXCore server operator to reconnect to 1200, if desired. Our server will return, once the bridge between Kenwood and Icom is solved. That has, however, proved to be more challenging than anyone expected. Still, we persist.

This has no effect on Icom repeaters or hotspot reflectors, which operate on a separate system.

Watch here for future updates.

Florida NXCore Update

After many years of service, the original Florida NXCore server has gone offline for the last time. We had planned to keep it running until the end of June, but it had been showing signs of imminent failure. Over the weekend, it transferred its last byte.

Before that happened, we had already completed the migration of all active talkgroups and reflectors over to the new Icom server. As a result, the outage will not be noticed by any of our users. If you have a repeater or reflector that needs to be connected to the new server, please contact KD4ACG as soon as possible, and we’ll get you all set up.

The loss of the server also means the loss of our Kenwood server for the time being. Since it only supplied one talkgroup, which was itself inactive, we are not going to move that server just yet. This loss will not affect any talkgroups that Kenwood repeater owners are receiving from other servers. This also does not affect any reflectors, since all those use the Icom protocol for linking.

As the old system fades into the sunset, we want to acknowledge the efforts of its original owner, Ralph, W4ORL. When he unexpectedly became a silent key in 2018, a group of NXDN users “adopted” the server, and continue its service to the NXDN community. We are grateful for the work he started, and proud to continue his legacy.

New NXCore Server…The Switch is On!

Today, we began the process of moving Icom repeaters and hotspot reflectors to the new NXcore server. We anticipate it will take a few weeks to get everyone migrated. When that’s done, the old server will be decommissioned. At the present time, we are targeting a June 30 shutdown date for the current server, but that date remains flexible.

Although this doesn’t require changes for end users (repeater or hotspot users), it does require an important change for repeater owners, reflector owners, or admins of other NXCore servers that link to us. You will need to update your system’s IP settings to ensure continued connectivity to the network. Please send a message to KD4ACG at, at your earliest opportunity. Since the move requires changes on both ends, we’ll work to schedule a time to migrate your system to the new server, with minimal disruption.

Keep in mind, during this transition phase, both the old and new servers are connected. That means, whether a system has moved or not, all users still have access to all talkgroups.

These changes apply to Icom repeaters and all reflectors. At the present time, the Kenwood system will remain the same. We will move that one at a later date.

This move enables us to provide NXDN linking for many more years to come.