NXCore Manager

I’m pleased to announce the first release of NXCore Manager, an open-source software solution to provide talkgroups for NXDN Amateur Radio networks.  NXCore Manager is currently routing all of our networked repeater traffic in CT.  We are anticipating several additional repeaters linking with the two we currently have up and running as part of “Project 9K”.  Project 9K is our efforts to create Talkgroup 9000 (based on the FIPS code for CT) as a statewide talkgroup, while preserving access to Talkgroup 65000.

The NXCORE software allows for repeaters to receive and transmit multiple talkgroups.  For instance at a future time in CT, we may want to use (as an example) Talkgroup 9001 for Western CT, 9002 for Eastern CT, etc.  This will combine NXDN’s already efficient 6.25KHz bandwidth with efficient use of repeaters.  In order to talk to someone within CT over the network, you no longer have to tie up the whole 65000 Talkgroup in order to do so.

The software can be compiled on UNIX and UNIX-like machines.  It uses the C++ language, mostly for the C++ Boost libraries that shorten development time needed for parsing configuration files.  There are two versions of the software that should work identically — one is for Kenwood repeaters, and the other for Icom.

Documentation can be found at:  http://tinyurl.com/nxcore-doc-1

A zip file with the source code for both Icom and Kenwood can be downloaded at:  http://tinyurl.com/nxcore-1-0

The source code repository is at:




I am willing to work with anyone interested to get a regional node set up.  While I am currently running a node for CT, I believe it is wise for each state / region to have their own NXCORE if interested, because the local groups know best what talkgroups make sense for their area.  However, I am proposing (and hosting at this time) two new national groups:

65003 – Kenwood National Net

65002 – Icom National Net

Right now there really is no activity on the new talkgroups, since I’m just announcing it.  If you are interested, let me know.  An important note is that this is a “work in progress”, and there are more than  likely some bugs with the program.  With testing and feedback from users, I’m hopeful this will become a very useful tool for many of us.

My email for contact about this is ‘support at rtcubed dot com’.