SIDE Note to all users talk group 1200

Like to make a note real quick, Talk Group 1200 (FLORIDA WIDE) is for Florida and not really a World Wide talkgroup. 65000 was meant for wide area contacts and short comms.
If you need a local area or regional talkgroup, and do not have one established, contact me to arrange having a TG reflector set up for your area.

Gen 2 NXCore will soon be branching to support regional coverage. That will be forthcoming!


Forthcoming, those who want to have GPS modules installed on their NXDN radios will be able to setup a GPS position setting that will allow you to ping you location via the WW NXDN CORE, and those who operate their own NXCORE’s with the GEN 2 NXCORE update.
The new proposed talkgroup for APRS / GPS reporting will be 14439 aka 144.390 aprs frequency,

Stay tuned!