Mount Uncanoonuc, Manchester, NH on the air

The UHF repeater (443.400 +5 MHz), an Icom FR6000, was installed yesterday on Mount Uncanoonuc just outside of Manchester, NH. We did not get it connected to the network yet, but that process starts today. The plan is integrating into the Massachusetts hub in Swansea, MA.
Please send feedback if anyone detects any glitches such as one way audio and so forth.
John N1OTY

NXDN Transparent Mode Program (Chat)

From a Radio Reference user, this is a pretty simple program that makes use of the Kenwood Transparent Mode using text (or SMS) and can send text files to and from
other users or stations.
Installation starts off in Spanish, but the program itself is English.

Let me know what you think.


Icom Repeater Setup Info Guide

Good evening,
I wanted to include to the links list, the Icom Repeater Setup Guide from our friends in the Northeast Corridor Group,

They have a very nice layout on setting up your Icom Repeater(s) and getting onto the NXDN Reflector network. Please be sure you have signed up on our yahoo email group
ham_nxdn at yahoogroups dot com to follow along with the progress of the network.
Spread the word to your friends in the West, would lover to see more West Coast activity.

Have a great week.

Evans M

Next version of Kenwood’s NX-5000 Series due out soon

The next firmware update for the NX-5000 series is due out within the next few weeks. This will have a minor bug fix and several expansion items being added to the radio. 2 weeks ago, I submitted a volume bug to Kenwood on the enhanced control head, and that
was validated and sent on up the line for correction. Now from what I am being told, this next release is supposed to contain the following, multi RF DECK control, and adding the NX-5900 to the software KPG-D1NK. There are a few other tweaks that will also be put into the Version 1.60 also.

I have all the information, fought tooth and nail for it, on obtaining WIDE BAND software for the NX series radios. You will have to pay full price for the software, even if you already bought the NARROW version. There is no way around that. To obtain the wide band version from the GET GO you have to order it from your dealer DIRECTLY. Even I get pickled for my copy. Kenwood says so, so that is the word.

Anyone who has purchased the new ICOMS let me know, like to find out
about the OTAA on them.
More updates as they come.

Evans M.

Icom Type C Radio Information

Well, I have a few to list on the newest Icom to come out.
The radio is pretty much like the ones out now that are Type D trunking but these units now act like the Kenwood’s to a degree.

Product info is at ICOM

For the most part, this radio is Conventional and Type C Trunking platform ready.
For those of us who use Kenwoods and Over the Air Alias, this radio will encode and
decode the OTAA, as will the Kenwoods. (the Type D Icom’s however will still act funky
with the OTAA even with the Newer Icom units) The mobiles come with GPS installed,
but you have to order the antenna if you do not have one for it.
How the GPS on these units and on the Kenwoods play out for the NXDN REFLECTOR
network, that has to be worked on still. The main issue is getting a program designed to
code out the GPS and send it to APRSd with a numerical / callsign database to proper
APRS position marker.

I have not had a chance to work on one yet, but I would imagine it will be like any other
Icom software wise. When I can, I will post information as I go along with looking one over.
For the most part, now the statement of two business units making a inter-operable radio
is now very true. Rather it is type C or D, both still carry the NXDN CAI in conventional modes, and they can both work side by side on the NXREF network.

Got a lightning storm in the area, so this is it for now. Enjoy!




Back from vacation..

Hello all, back from vacation so I will be doing some updating here in the coming weeks as
I get all caught up with things again.

I will add this, while on vacation, Icom released their Type C NXDN radio line. What does this mean? You have a choice now on what Trunking format you want, but most of all, the
type C Icoms now have OTAA capabilities and are not effected by the Kenwood OTAA
on the Icom Type D radios. More on this as I build the block information and get photos
that are allowable for posting.

Kenwood NX-5000 Series has released the new ENHANCED Control Head, that will allow
for Multi-Deck RF units. More on this later, as I am installing mine shortly.


Evans Mitchell

May 2015 Update

So far there are 34 active repeaters I have in my database that are up and running, with a
a few more to come during the summer time out on the west coast.

Advancement of the NX-Reflector is on hold at the time being, but once the group gets
the needed information, development will continue forward and some things such as
GPS2APRSd, Talkgroup steering to name a couple, will be worked on and enhanced.

Interested in more information, click on the link to the yahoo group and join!

Evans Mitchell

Kenwood’s newest platform for NXDN and P25

While this newest member of the NXDN family has slowly rolled out in to the main stream
industry for use, it also sports the ability to be used as a P25 radio in the First Responder Industry. For Radio Shop personnel, it’s a dream come true without the “M” price tag for that batwing multiband thingie… (at $7,500 MSRP)

I had the pleasure of spending some good money on a great radio. While I said I would do a little write up on it, I will. But in the meantime, this is what I will do, Kenwood has probably a better laid out information on the NX 5000 series than I would ever get close to doing. So with that, I will point you to the following page for your reading fun.

So on that note, here is a MSRP List price breakdown for someone in HAM RADIO that
wants to get their hands on this.
Full Keypad Portable, you will need to choose what battery and charger you want to go with, plus antenna ($15 VHF/UHF standard, or $35 for the High Gain VHF KRA-25).
Base Radio $825 STD /$875 Full Key, This radio comes with Type C NXDN Trunking, and Conv. NXDN and Analog (LTR in the next update)
Front Panel Program: $300, P25Conv: $575, 4000 Channels: $420 (1024 standard)
Batteries: from $115 to $175, These will fit the standard KSC-32 charger.
KNB-LxM Smart Charger – KSC-Y32K runs at $115

Mobiles: VHF due out Jan 2015. 700/800 MHz TBD
Base: $980, options; same as above for the portables, PER RADIO!.

Remote Kits: single, dual, and triple RF DECK kits will be out 2Q 2015,
this will allow one or two head use of 1,2 or 3 RF decks. (SEE WEB LINK ABOVE)

Now for the kicker, software. (Cables by the way are the standard 16 pin Portable or
RJ-45 Mobile connectors.

KPG-D1NK – NX5000 Radio Service Software. This is listed at $155.
As of Dec 5th, I was told, the portion below 450 MHz (380-449.987500) is being petitioned
to JVCKENWOOD CORPORATE for US allowance of 20/25khz wide band use. T-Band
470-512 has already be written for wide band use. VHF IS NOT EFFECTED below 149 MHz, so 138-149 will do both WBFM and NBFM. 150-161 is NBFM.

NOW TAKE NOTE, this software is licence key controlled with the Licensed Management Client software (which there is no charge for this software). This software also validates your purchase of FPP, P25, Bluetooth, 4000 channel, ect. licenses. It will communicate to your radio, validate the serial number, validate the option key, and then program your radio. NOTICE!!! ONCE IT IS ACTIVATED, IT REMAINS WITH THAT RADIO FOREVER! There are NO TRANSFER of LICENSES from/to BER / NIB Radios, you have to order a new key. This even applies to us dealers. If the radio is bricked or “BER”
and you spent some coin for all those little goodies, well, that $2800 radio is OUT.
So keep in mind, as you add features to the radio, it makes it that much more important
to keep it operational, for a long long time… (just saying)

I am working with Kenwood to find out how to have the LMC (KPT-300LMC) setup for
ham radio users. For now, an account request form has to be filled out and sent in
to activate it for you use, and the information will be sent back to you. I will revise this
once I have more detailed information on the process.

Please contact your local dealer, they should be able to offer a decent price for your
radio enjoyment. Most of you know how to contact me already, and I will offer a quote
as well. I like to also allow other shops the same opportunity also, since I am in Florida.



Cheers for now and enjoy!
Evans Mitchell


NX-5300 / 5800 – KD4EFM to review it in December

Greetings and I hope you all have a safe Holiday season.

December 3rd, the due date for my NX-5300 and 5800 radios. As of right now, save your coins, you will need some of it for this beauty. With HAM FRIENDLY pricing, it’s gets deep
still when you start adding in features. We have posted LIST prices for the radios in the Yahoo group. Software, JVCKenwood has migrated to a License Management Client System. This means key piracy will get nipped in the butt. Here is a
screen shot of the program.

Here you have HTML export of the radio information.

This is the License Management System

This is what they look like.


The Portable, you can remove the channel stop on the 16 channel switch for FULL ROLL OVER. The mobile fits the same bracket as the NX-700 / 800 series, comes with GPS, antenna ordered separately.

Remote Kits for the mobile, I posted on the yahoo group, will be forthcoming, and allows single head, 1,2 or 3 RF deck operation from a SINGLE HEAD or DUAL HEAD. Look for this to come out March – May 2015 (2nd Quarter 2015).

Enough for now. Cheers. I am waiting on the new line up of ICOM’s forthcoming, when I have that information, I will be posting about that as well.

Prices: Contact me directly please. They will not be posted on this or any other site I am on.

Evans Mitchell