The Beginnings Part 1

Thanks to Bill – KI4SWY for pulling together and hosting this site!!

While this is just the starting post, I’ll attempt to go back through time and catch up on the developments that have taken place so far. As well as capture some of the information shared to date.

For the newcomers. We are attempting to create a WW NXDN network for Amateur Radio. Given the prices of the NXDN equipment and the fact that they will do analog as well as digital it simply makes no sense to look anywhere else. Even at list commercial prices, this equipment is cheaper and more robust than other new commercial equipment and much simpler to maintain and support than the aging equipment that Hams normally use.

Both Kenwood and Icom support the technology and the with the NXDN-FORUM now releasing the full specifications, it should just be a matter of time before others do as well.

Until you hear and experience the benefits of NXDN, it’s hard to describe, but in a nut shell. A 20-30% extension to your existing coverage footprint, both analog and digital support seamlessly for simple transition and the added benefit of being ready for the the 6.25khz spacing that we’ll all be forced too at some point.

Package that up with existing amplifiers, duplexers and antennas, it’s a very simple drop in upgrade with lots of room for expansion.

Then along comes the internet and connecting these repeaters together via the internet. Both Icom and Kenwood allow that, but their methods are extremely restrictive and cumbersome hence the need for this blog.

How do you take a WW network of repeaters and connect them together such that you don’t have a monolithic network, you have a dynamic one. And how do you do that easily and inexpensively.

That’s what we are all about!

Follow along, it should be a fun ride…

Welcome to NXDN Info

Welcome to NXDN Info! We are actively working to create a WW NXDN network for Amateur (Ham) Radio and it’s users.  This will utilize off the shelf commercial quality radios, repeaters and built in software.  That software will further be enhanced to provide capabilities well beyond the standard functions.

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