ICOM Repeater UDP Packet Audio Decoding

So, over the last few days, i have been developing an application that will take the icom udp stream that connects repeaters together , and started decoding the stream on my pc, so far the process is working very well, and hope to have some pretty screen shots up soon. Its a windows application, and does require the ownership of a DVSI Dongle.

Oh, yeah, did i mention its windows ONLY.. sorry linux/mac guys 🙂 no java here.

Welcome to NXDN Info

Welcome to NXDN Info! We are actively working to create a WW NXDN network for Amateur (Ham) Radio and it’s users.  This will utilize off the shelf commercial quality radios, repeaters and built in software.  That software will further be enhanced to provide capabilities well beyond the standard functions.

Subscribe to us to keep up on all the activities.  In the coming days, we’ll update this site with specifics about what we are doing and how we are going about it.

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