NXCore Manager Raspberry Pi Image

From N2WNS:

I have put together an image based on the latest Debian Jessie Linux. This image contains the following:

  • ·         Both Kenwood and Icom builds of NXCore Manager.
  • ·         An IP configuration utility.
  • ·         A Dynamic DNS update client for use with NO-IP’s free DDNS service.
  • ·         GIT to enable updating from N1XDN.

All you need to do is download the image, write it to a 4gb SD card, boot it in your RPi, configure the the settings file per Bob’s (N1XDN) config note and with a reboot, you’ll be running. Please keep in mind that you do need to get added to the Master Core before you will be able to communicate on the network.

Software can be downloaded here:


A quick start guide can be viewed here:


Please let me know if you have any questions or encounter any issues.


-Bill Hausmann


ID Script for Kenwood update

The ID script for Kenwood has a couple of changes and updates, and is now tagged at version 1.1.  I did find some things I was doing that were out of spec, and I’d suggest downloading this new version, even if the old one is working well.

The repository is at:


If you want to go and download it directly, it is the ID.py script in the Kenwood ID Script folder.  If you don’t want to pull the whole repository, just type the following on a command line:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rthoelen/NXDNtools/master/Kenwood%20ID%20Script/id.py

That will download the file, and you then just need to edit it for your specifics (repeater and Pi IP, RAN, GID, and message).





NXCore Manager

I’m pleased to announce the first release of NXCore Manager, an open-source software solution to provide talkgroups for NXDN Amateur Radio networks.  NXCore Manager is currently routing all of our networked repeater traffic in CT.  We are anticipating several additional repeaters linking with the two we currently have up and running as part of “Project 9K”.  Project 9K is our efforts to create Talkgroup 9000 (based on the FIPS code for CT) as a statewide talkgroup, while preserving access to Talkgroup 65000.

The NXCORE software allows for repeaters to receive and transmit multiple talkgroups.  For instance at a future time in CT, we may want to use (as an example) Talkgroup 9001 for Western CT, 9002 for Eastern CT, etc.  This will combine NXDN’s already efficient 6.25KHz bandwidth with efficient use of repeaters.  In order to talk to someone within CT over the network, you no longer have to tie up the whole 65000 Talkgroup in order to do so.

The software can be compiled on UNIX and UNIX-like machines.  It uses the C++ language, mostly for the C++ Boost libraries that shorten development time needed for parsing configuration files.  There are two versions of the software that should work identically — one is for Kenwood repeaters, and the other for Icom.

Documentation can be found at:  http://tinyurl.com/nxcore-doc-1

A zip file with the source code for both Icom and Kenwood can be downloaded at:  http://tinyurl.com/nxcore-1-0

The source code repository is at:




I am willing to work with anyone interested to get a regional node set up.  While I am currently running a node for CT, I believe it is wise for each state / region to have their own NXCORE if interested, because the local groups know best what talkgroups make sense for their area.  However, I am proposing (and hosting at this time) two new national groups:

65003 – Kenwood National Net

65002 – Icom National Net

Right now there really is no activity on the new talkgroups, since I’m just announcing it.  If you are interested, let me know.  An important note is that this is a “work in progress”, and there are more than  likely some bugs with the program.  With testing and feedback from users, I’m hopeful this will become a very useful tool for many of us.

My email for contact about this is ‘support at rtcubed dot com’.



NI4CE – Verna status update

The new NI4CE NXDN Repeater at Verna went on the air at 3:20 PM this afternoon.  The repeater is operating on 444.3125 / 449.3125 RAN 1.  Some tweaking to connect the repeater to the NXDN Worldwide Network is still needed but should be completed in the near day or two.  In the meantime, we invite you to use the repeater on a local basis (TG1200).

We would also appreciate your signal reports.  Send your Callsign, Location, Time of Day and Signal Strength (if you can read RSSI with your radio) to info@ni4ce.org.

73 de Paul-NB9X

New Repeater coming on line in South West Fla. and 1 on the East Coast

From Paul Toth; NB9X

It seems like we started talking about this a long ago.  But the new NI4CE NXDN Repeater at Verna is poised for launch next week.  The repeater and its several components have been assembled and are burning in.  The new Telewave Antenna that will radiate the signal from 500′ AGL is configured and tested.  And a tower crew is scheduled to put it on the tower this coming Monday.  Of course, everything in Florida this time of year is “weather permitting”.

RX 444.3125  TX 449.3125 RAN-1 are the important numbers to program into your radio.  TG 1200 will keep your traffic on the NI4CE system (Verna and Riverview).  TG65000 will gate you to the remainder of the NXDN Worldwide Network.

Keep watching here for updates.
73 de Paul-NB9X

editors note Verna is located in Sarasota County near the town of Myakka City.

And this nice report from Ed in Brevard County Fl had this to say earlier also when repling to Paul

“Great news, we are trying to setup one here in Brevard. I think we found a tower. Will let you know once we get further information.”


Mount Uncanoonuc, Manchester, NH on the air

The UHF repeater (443.400 +5 MHz), an Icom FR6000, was installed yesterday on Mount Uncanoonuc just outside of Manchester, NH. We did not get it connected to the network yet, but that process starts today. The plan is integrating into the Massachusetts hub in Swansea, MA.
Please send feedback if anyone detects any glitches such as one way audio and so forth.
John N1OTY

Identification Solutions for Kenwood NXR series repeaters

Cliff, K1IFF, and myself authored a proposal for two ways of generating a digital ID that are less disruptive and in the spirit of experimentation with NXDN.  Click the “MCW ID fix v4” link below to download the PDF.  In CT, we have found that the analog ID takes far longer than sending a short Over-The-Air Alias digital burst.

73, Bob, N1XDN

MCW ID fix v4

NXDN Transparent Mode Program (Chat)

From a Radio Reference user, this is a pretty simple program that makes use of the Kenwood Transparent Mode using text (or SMS) and can send text files to and from
other users or stations.
Installation starts off in Spanish, but the program itself is English.

Let me know what you think.



Icom Repeater Setup Info Guide

Good evening,
I wanted to include to the links list, the Icom Repeater Setup Guide from our friends in the Northeast Corridor Group, www.nxdnradio.com

They have a very nice layout on setting up your Icom Repeater(s) and getting onto the NXDN Reflector network. Please be sure you have signed up on our yahoo email group
ham_nxdn at yahoogroups dot com to follow along with the progress of the network.
Spread the word to your friends in the West, would lover to see more West Coast activity.

Have a great week.

Evans M